it was a hard decision to make. but it HAD to be done. for the good of me, you, and this channel. i hope you understand.

this wiki will still exist for a while, for the sake of gathering mandatory data. afterwards, it may close down.

now, some things i want to discuss especially. most of you guys down here know me from when i was.... the abomination otherwise known as Florence100. i may have said this in the video already, but I used to trash a lot of my projects, but without an actually valid reason. i didn't even give a HINT to why i would do it. that bad habit ends right here. if i want to scrap a project, i wouldn't just do it because i want to. if it goes down, it goes down because it must. and to clear it up, i never lied to anyone about PAP. i didn't promise you guys that it would be a thing. if anything i kinda assured you that it wouldn't. y'know, i didn't start a new channel just to get all that old shit out. i did it because i wanted to start anew. i wanted to redeem myself from who i used to be. i never want to be anything like that again. but here's what i want you to know about this: it doesn't mean i'm trying to be a polar opposite of... that guy. it doesn't mean i have to stick with every project i make like it's my last. think of Jonochrome, and how he had discontinued One Week At Flumpty's. people accepted him and understood him for his reasons, knowing he went into full detail to explain that it was a change for the better. am i just not allowed to do the same? am i a bad person for not wanting this to be my channel's main attraction? am i supposed to be tortured and burdened by the stresses of continuing a project i don't enjoy working on? the answers are: no, no and no. i am the one to decide what's best for my deviantART gallery (which you all know), and the same should go for my YouTube channel. if i've disappointed somebody, it's probably just mostly going to be people who think they know what's best for me when they actually don't, and are just using me for PAP. or people who still want to label me as who i was in 2014 and earlier. you go ahead and do that, but what i'm doing is deciding for myself and taking my online life in a new direction. and if you don't like that.... try it yourself for once. i want you to see what it's like to be someone out there with so many burdens and pains to deal with, but still everyone judging you in whatever way possible, some even trying to ruin you entirely.